Happy New Year (sort of)

Hello and welcome to September, a slightly delayed welcome but genuine nonetheless.

Being a parent is hard.
Being a parent with a mental illness is harder.
Being a parent with a mental illness and children with additional need is harder still.

September marks the end of the long school holidays and the beginning of a new school year.  The month where mummys country-wide crack open the champagne/sparkling water and drink to the welcome return of term time.

In the past I wasn’t as adverse to the holidays, but as my boys have become bigger/older/teenager-ish so their willingness to just tag along with whatever mum wants has diminished.  Add to this my depression which requires me to carefully manage/avoid stress and you get kids who don’t want to do anything and a mum who just wants an easy life (to avoid the negative mood spiral).

Teenage boys seem to like a) their beds, b) tv, c) laptops, d) eating, and e) anything else with a screen.

Teenage boys do not like a) showers, b) changing their socks, c) opening their blinds, d) communicating, and e) being sociable in any way.

OK, so I may be exaggerating slightly but you get the idea.

With my boys having additional needs it’s unadvisable to leave them alone together ever for any significant period of time, which means that if they’re vegetating in their beds I’m a semi-hostage in the house.

Today, older son started college.  He did amazingly well in getting up and ready for 7.30am only to find that his taxi wasn’t coming until 8.30 as they didn’t have as many pick-ups today (yes, I had a little chuckle at this!).  It was lovely to see him so keen to start and I hope he enjoys his course.

Younger son came down for breakfast at 9.30am then went back upstairs with instructions to strip his bed and have a shower.  Two hours later and there’s no sign of him doing either of these, and much evidence of him lazing on his bed watching tv.

But today this isn’t an issue as today I’m waiting in for my flyers to be delivered!  Very exciting(!) and catching up on blogging and thinking and eating more healthily and other random stuff.

Update: younger son has stripped his bed but is being grumpy about having a shower saying “I’ll do it after lunch” – no way kiddo you’ll do it now 2 1/2 hours after being asked to!


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