Blogging about blogging (4)

After a lot of fiddling around on my test blog, I decided to just go for it and redesign my real blog… this may not be a long lasting version as I’m still familiarising myself with what different themes have to offer. I’m getting a bit more familiar with it all but still a long way from being an expert, however, for now I’m happy to just try different stuff!

Day 4 on Blogging and Growth: do a basic stats analysis and create an editorial calendar.

Having read the detail on how to use stats to influence your stats (read more here) and decided that it’s way too much effort to determine whether people prefer to read about running or poetry, stressed mum or pony helper, or any other content. I shall simply say this: I write and if people read it then great, if people comment then even better, if people take what I’ve written and find inspiration, comfort or humour then I’m adding something valuable to the WordPress community and that is brilliant.

Create an editorial calendar, this is simply a schedule of posts for the month and as we’re at the beginning of September I can pull together an editorial calendar quite readily. I will be using old school paper and pens and, who knows, I might even do it BuJo style!

ps my flyers arrived today and they look amazing ❤



3 comments on “Blogging about blogging (4)”
  1. ashleyleia says:

    I think most bloggers are much better off writing about what they want to write rather than trying to write based on stats.

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    1. Karen says:

      I agree, it’s bonkers even trying to work out who likes what, why and when! (bonkers meaning mad)!

      Liked by 1 person

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