Blogging about blogging (6)

After my long run yesterday my legs are unsurprisingly a little achy which is just perfect because it means that I exercised them enough to allow myself a day of writing and planning.

Yesterday’s blogging post was about highlighting older content, so one of my tasks today is to create a ‘Best of Blue Sky Days 365‘ post.  Then after I’ve created it I can link it to this post!

Branding and Growth day 6 talks about using social networks to grow your brand.  I’m ahead of the game here having set up my @HorsleyPoet twitter account in July.  I already have over 400 followers mainly people connected with poetry, writing or publishing.

When I started on Twitter, I admit to being a little bewildered by how it could possibly help in promoting my poetry.  My post Getting the hang of #twitter looks at how people find people on twitter, and this tongue in cheek philosophy seems to work.  As with many online social networks you get out what you put in, posting regularly and engaging with others is the key to success… some of my followers have even bought my book, so if nothing else it has already generated sales.  I’m sure there’s more I can do in embracing social networks so another portion of today will be looking at that in more detail.

Other tasks for my day include writing poems about insects for submission to an anthology of children’s poems, completing my editorial calendar for September and playing around with widgets.


ps it’s a good day to be at home working as unlike yesterday’s beautiful sunshine, today is grey and wet.


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