Make plans, do something different

Today I had planned to devise a marketing strategy for promoting Kaleidoscopic Beauty and then work on my new book which I’m hoping to publish in November.  However, this morning I realised that my book didn’t have my updated blog address or my Twitter @HorsleyPoet details, so my plans for the day were instantly disrupted as if I didn’t update this straight away I would almost certainly forget.

I used to be a master of planning, organising and generally being efficient… but that was before cancer, or chemo, or a long-lasting severe depression, or therapy.  I will never know what combination of events has resulted in the loss of my project-manager brain cells and the discovery of my creative-poetry-writing ones but learning to live with these new limitations is an ongoing process.

Once I had submitted new files to CreateSpace and KDP I decided to take a look at day 10 of Branding and Growth, something that was on my to-do-list but lower down in priority, and then it was time to meet my friend for a walk.  As I was going to be out anyway I grabbed a few flyers and after our walk I then visited some local businesses to ask if they’d display one for me.  I got a good reception and some interest in my book, which is great.

And now I only have two hours before school pick up and I haven’t devised a marketing strategy or worked on my new book yet… but I’m ok with my plans being bumped to tomorrow or the next day because new me understands that this isn’t failing to meet my goals, it simply shows that I’m able to adapt to circumstance…

and that’s just super!


3 comments on “Make plans, do something different”
  1. Dee Kelly says:

    Sounds like a productive day!

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    1. Karen says:

      Actually it really was! 😁

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      1. Invisibly Me says:

        You know what they say about “best laid plans”… Definitely shows adaptability, don’t let it stress you too much and I hope you manage to have a productive yet restful(!) and positive weekend 🙂

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