Twitter poetry (6)

My contributions to Twitter over the past week.

@RealisticPoetry photo prompts

Time slows
And stops
Frozen in grief
Tears like icicles
Hang from unseeing eyes
Simply a statue
Takes my place in this world
Without colour

For every trauma suffered
And every loss I bear
Another stone gets added
Who’s weight I cannot share
It gets heavier day by day
Pulls me to the ground
Waiting for the happy times
To turn my life around


memories are safely held
in a vault within the mind

seek freedom
releasing ties that bind
emotional escape possible

my husband, my ally
my partner in crime
my soulmate

my eyes shine like diamonds
yours sparkle like blue sapphires

worries to share
just listen and care
compassion to spare

as cliffs crumble
their rocks tumble
we stumble

creating harmony
alongside conflict
and judgement
life lived with skill


Two Days
A break from rules
Away from bosses
Teachers and tutors
Two days for fun and relaxation
Just two days and ‘Rain stops play’
Pavement cafes empty
Ice creams unsold
Wet sandy beaches with coastal winds
And a solitary dogwalker

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