Branding & Growth: what I’ve learnt

Over the past two weeks I’ve been taking part in The Daily Post’s course on Branding and Growth.  I’ve learnt a lot from the course and from discussions generated by my posts.  I have redesigned my blog, updated my profile, changed my site icon, fiddled around with menus and widgets, and added a best of page which is a work in progress.

I found the information around search engine optimisation very relevant and will be something I’ll take forward in identifying keywords and streamlining the categories and tags I use (and maybe my content too).  I’m also interested in the idea of guest posts, or collaborating with other blogs in some way.

Less useful to me were stats analysis and creating an editorial calendar based on what content gets more views/likes or which days and times are more popular.  Life is seriously too short to think in that level of detail!  Also, the idea of reposting older unloved content doesn’t fit with my blog, so probably won’t go down that road either.  I’ll just add a caveat that I may share older content as an addendum to a new post if it’s relevant.

My goals, identified on day 1, were as follows:

Three blogging goals related to being a writer/author/poet
Goal 1: add new poetry posts once weekly
Goal 2: add a monthly book review feature
Goal 3: redesign website to include sections on poetry, book reviews and running

Two blogging goals related to numbers
Goal 1: achieve 500 followers by year end
Goal 2: increase views per month to 2,000 by year end

Number goals:

I now have 438 followers which is an amazing increase of 30 from when I set the goal.  Monthly views for August finished at 1,400 and if I scale up for September I’m looking at around 1,800, but obviously very dependent on what and how often I post.

Writing goals:

Goal 1: achieved – over the past two weeks, I have posted three new poems and my Twitter collections

Goal 2: I’m going to have to consider whether book reviews add anything to my blog, or if I’m better leaving that to my goodreads profile, maybe if they’re poetry reviews?  Goal 2 on hold for now.

Goal 3: Redesign website to partition content, again I’m placing this on hold simply because I’m happy with my current theme for now.  Blog design will be something that I can work on bit by bit, so maybe in a couple of months this will be included.


I feel that I still have lots to achieve from the knowledge gained on this course, but I’m also very happy that progress is being made and will continue.  I will revisit my goals, and the aims of this course in a month or so and make plans from there.

I hope you found something useful in my posts, I’ve linked them all below for easy access if you missed any.



One comment on “Branding & Growth: what I’ve learnt”
  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Sounds like a lot of learning, and I agree with the whole ‘take what works for you’ approach because we can’t like or want to take up everything from such courses. “Life is seriously too short to think in that level of detail!” – Definitely! Very helpful and kind for you to list all these too 🙂
    Caz x

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