Transformation Tuesday – update

On my Transformation Tuesday post this week I wrote about a challenge I’d accepted from which was to consider carefully and make a conscious choice about what we fuel our bodies with.

As I wrote previously, I was doing well with the challenge, even choosing pineapple over chocolate but then stressful stuff wafted its way mysteriously into my psyche and my resolve wavered a lot.  

Take Thursday as an example, I mindfully selected an egg and avocado sandwich (yup it tasted just about as fun as it sounds) and then wrestled with my inner sugar gremlins about whether I should allow myself a slice of the best carrot cake.  I think it goes without saying who won that particular battle.

Then Friday – mid-morning chocolate croissant, fish and chips for lunch while out with my son and then horror of all horrors, the Ben & Jerry’s strangely disappeared from the freezer.

BTW it was Karamel Sutra, and I’m led to believe was rather delicious.
(but how would I know because obviously I didn’t eat any of it… right hubby???)


One comment on “Transformation Tuesday – update”
  1. ashleyleia says:

    Isn’t carrot cake practically a vegetable? Just like pumpkin pie?

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