My running week (37a)

I love writing my Sunday running updates for many reasons – to recognise my achievements, to inspire others, but mostly to add a bit of self-deprecating humour alongside my personal cheerleading squad!

Where to start with this week’s update, I guess the beginning is as good a place as any…

Last week I wrote about my rainy road relay race and my near-blackout, so being a sensible soul I visited my GP on Tuesday, coincidentally the same GP I saw after my bathroom blackout concussion incident back in June.  She did the full range of neuro tests; reflexes, balance, vision etc, checked my ears and throat, took my blood pressure sitting down, then standing up, then sitting down again, checked my pulse and oxygen and then listened to my heart.

I am pleased to say that my body and brain managed to pass most of these tests without issue, while I wobbled through the balance test, I excelled at the blood pressure ones.

Just one teeny tiny problem… “when I was listening to your heart I detected a slight murmur”… me with worried expression “ok?”… “that means I can hear an extra sound in your heartbeat which might not be anything to worry about but given your symptoms I’m going to do an urgent referral to cardiology.  I’ll also request a chest x-ray and an echocardiogram so this information is available for your appointment.”… me “please don’t tell me I have to stop running, I’m doing a 10k race on Sunday.”

See where my priorities lie.

Not ‘oh poop, an urgent referral means trouble’, but ‘can I still run?’

GP’s answer was along the lines of ‘well, it seems wrong to say you shouldn’t exercise but…’  so, I left with her agreement that I could still go running but not on my own, I could do the race but to take it easy, otherwise to not go too far and not go too fast.

So as this post wings its way into your reader/inbox/twitter feed I will be on my way to the English Half Marathon 10k thinking isn’t it good that I didn’t sign up for the half?!

Posts about my previous concussion:

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