Book review: The Journey to Happiness: My Life – In Poetry

British poet Sarah Battison’s debut collection The Road to Happiness: My Life – In Poetry is quite simply remarkable. Through heart wrenching verse she documents her life from a teenage runaway through to present day.

Sarah has experienced the worst that life can possibly offer; homelessness, drugs, reliance on alcohol, sexual assault, and abusive and controlling relationships. But this downward spiral began with being bullied in childhood which led to Sarah feeling that she didn’t fit in and the beginning of mental health problems.

Sarah writes of her life and experiences with such passion that you cannot help but be moved by her words, you keep reading hoping for a happy ending, hoping that her journey does indeed end in happiness.

This book embraces a whole range of emotions, from despair and hopelessness through to pride and determination. There are also moments of pure joy such as when she writes about her children.

Sarah has a wonderful way with words and a genuine desire to change her life, to put all the bad stuff behind her and make a better future for herself and for her children.

This is not an easy read in that the scale of suffering that Sarah has experienced will shock you, she has survived what no person should ever have to endure and she’s still fighting. But throughout the book there is an underlying message of hope, strength and resilience.

I leave this review with Sarah’s words:


“I lived upon a darkened planet, with only my hatred as a voice,
It pierced my skull like knives and made me hate myself even more,
I fell upon the deep, deep abyss right into its very core.

I had to make a choice to fight, not curl into darkness,
The choice to fight the hellish days,
The choice to live,
Not to die.” – from A Light Amongst The Dark


You can find Sarah’s book, The Journey To Happiness on Amazon.


3 comments on “Book review: The Journey to Happiness: My Life – In Poetry”
  1. Sarah Battison ‘s poetry words/prose of her heart’s writings of ” touching words ” of deep insight knowledge of her experience of Life , has a ” moving & knowledgeable wisdom words.”
    Beautiful poetry .
    Blessings .
    October 14th.2018.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen says:

      Thank you May, you might want to take a look at my book ‘I am the Stars in the Sky’ which follows a journey through cancer diagnosis and mental illness. It’s available on amazon for a reduced price currently.


      1. Thankyou Ms.Karen.
        Congrats to your ” I am the stars in the Sky ” .. it’s a book , i presumes. I will look into amazon at a later date.
        However , NO PROMISES. Cause if it requires PAY PAL , where am at , we have NO PAYPAL banking systems.
        ** do u have an excerpts to the book / a trailer to the story , by any chance .
        Kindly rekindles your name description so i’ll know ” you .”
        Best Wishes to you.
        MayLeong. 😊💝💝

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