My running week (38)

On a happy running high from the race last Sunday I was looking forward to getting back into running my own way (despite GP concerns)… I know what a rebel. So Monday I went to running club training.

OMG it nearly killed me!

I’m thinking that maybe my body wasn’t ready to do more running so soon after the race. With this in mind I thought I’d take the rest of the week easy, did 5k on Wednesday morning and had planned to do parkrun on Saturday. But mid-week there was an offer of a place at the Southport Seaside 10k, I thought carefully and then threw caution to the wind and accepted.

What I should have done was check the weather forecast and then said “Seriously, run a 10k in torrential rain? You must be joking.”

But us running folk are a hardy bunch and what’s a bit of rain? But as the week progressed the weather forecast changed and we were actually treated to a warm sunny day with a slight breeze. Southport Seaside 10k is a predominantly flat course, two laps around the marine lake.

A great race to go for that sub-60! Sorry nice doctor lady but I mostly feel fine running.

I’ve only managed a sub-60 once before (59:14) but not officially timed, so I was determined that flat Southport was the place to go for it. For those of you who don’t run, hills slow you down and make your legs tired which means you then run slower after the hill. So a flat course should be ideal for a PB.

Confronting my anxiety around crowds, I bravely positioned myself in the middle of a crowd between the 55 and 60 minute pacers. I did a fabulous first 5k at 28:20 (not far off my best 28:04) but couldn’t maintain the pace for the second 5k. Slowed down between 6 and 8k and then picked the pace up again, all the way to a sprint finish and an official time of 58:26.

Beautiful views, fabulously encouraging marshals, and a sub-59 10k PB!

No prizes for guessing what we had for lunch!

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