Day in the life of an author

Every Monday I try to get organised for the week.  Having failed with using a diary or my journal to keep on task with my list because the book is closed and I can’t see the list!  Yes, my attention/memory is so woolly that I can’t remember to open a book.  Anyway, I have invested in a to-do list weekly planner which does exactly the same thing as a diary but the current week’s list is always on display, at the end of the week simply remove the front sheet and start on the next.  oh and it has a magnetic strip on the back so you can stick it to your fridge!

  1. write all scheduled things on my planner (appointments, clubs, kid stuff)
  2. rearrange a walk with my friend because I strained my calf running at the weekend
  3. decide what writer things I hope to do this week and add them to the planner
  4. decide what home things need doing and add them to the planner
  5. start work on list
  6. do Tesco order as eating is very important
  7. write Twitter poetry post
  8. play with poster maker for blog post headers
  9. review all my poetry for inclusion in my second book – this job was made a lot easier as last week I printed out all my poems and neatly filed them
  10. create file containing all poems for my second book
  11. print these for editing
  12. consider poems for submission to Voice of Eve
  13. do boring housework task (I try to do one small thing a day)
  14. distribute some flyers door to door
  15. decide I’ve had a most productive day and mentally give myself a pat on the back!


One comment on “Day in the life of an author”
  1. Good idea, i will think about having one and good luck too.

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