National Poetry Month 4

Today, 4th October is National Poetry Day.  An event that this time last year would have passed me by as poetry wasn’t anywhere on my radar.  Now, however, I love poetry… writing it, reading it, thinking about it, publishing it!

It hasn’t entered my dreams yet but have my dreams entered my poems?  Who knows.

The theme for today’s poem is dreams.

[BTW I’ve entered the world of Pinterest you can follow me here]

You’ll Find Me In My Dreams

All that I am surrounds my life
A solitary cloud blown across the clear blue sky

All that I am envelopes me
In the scented haze of a wild flower meadow

All that I am illuminates me
By gentle moonlight on a dark night

All that I am is all that I can be
In the flickering candle of my hopes

All that I am when I’m by your side
Glowing in the flaming beacon of our love

All that I am is right here
Where you’ll find me, in my dreams

copyright © 2018 Karen Horsley


#nationalpoetryday #octpowrimo #iamthestarsinthesky



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