Balancing our burdens

Turning things on their head today and starting with a word – burden.

The definition (noun) states:

  1. a load, often heavy
  2. a duty or misfortune that causes worry, hardship or distress
  3. the responsibility for achieving a task
  4. the main theme of a speech, argument

Definition (verb):

  1. to load heavily
  2. to cause worry, hardship or distress

It’s common for people with a long-term illness to think of themselves as a burden on those who care for them, this includes those living with mental illness.  However, my focus on the word burden is related to the burden I place on myself in everything I do, which then means I become a burden to myself… causing myself worry and distress.

I need to step back from my responsibilities, reduce the pressure I put myself under, focus on self-care and on managing the stuff I can’t step away from.

Sadly this means I won’t be continuing with my National Poetry Month poems, but as with most things in life we have to achieve a balance to keep ourselves in balance.  And right now my emotional balance is way out of balance.

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