Chores, relaxation and poetry

Hello fellow bloggers,

Yesterday was a bad day.  A bad day following some not so great days.  A day where everything was overwhelming and nothing felt achievable.  A day that prompted me to write my post on burdens.  A day where I absolutely appreciate why I need to keep my life low on stress.

Today, released from the pressure, I feel better, I feel less overwhelmed.  Whether this is a transient uplift is yet to be seen but right now I’m going with it.  Also, my calf feels a lot better now, it was fairly painful early morning but I tasked hubby with massaging the muscle to release the tension and it’s made such a huge difference.  It’s always possible that my tense muscles are related to my tense emotional state, it’s unfortunate that at this time of emotional stress I cannot use running as a coping mechanism.

I’ve taken a day off from editing my new book, with a family effort we blitzed the housework and tidied my vegetable beds.  I selected poems for the village magazine, each month until the end of 2019!  How’s that for organised?!

I submitted two poems to competitions with Forward Poetry this evening, one that I’d written previously and one that I spent about three hours working on this afternoon.  I then noticed that the closing date had passed for the one I spent three hours writing, I’m hoping that they’ll consider it anyway as their online form allowed submission.

A busy and productive day, and although not published on here it did involve writing poetry.

Wishing you all a peaceful week xx



One comment on “Chores, relaxation and poetry”
  1. Some days are like that Karen, 😔 Hope tomorrow is better.

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