Feeling lost

Don’t expect any wise words from this post!

I don’t function well without goals and plans and now that I’ve finished my book (whoop whoop yay!) I feel a bit goal-less.  In addition there’s my ongoing calf injury which means I’m not running as much – it feels better so I run, then it feels worse so I rest.

In a nutshell, I’m not working towards a specific goal and I can’t fill time through running, which leads me down the path of apathy, lacking the motivation to step off the path.

Yes, there are many things I could be doing but my brain doesn’t want to make decisions so I do what any unfocused individual does… nothing.  At least nothing of note… think I’ll do some BuJo drawing!


4 comments on “Feeling lost”
  1. Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie Writer says:

    We all go through something like this. After much work may be, it is nature’s way of saying it’s time to take a rest.

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    1. Karen says:

      You’re probably right! I should take a break 😉

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      1. Invisibly Me says:

        I’d probably agree, a little break and maybe things to ‘zone out’ to could help, TV series, films, books, walks in the park (injury dependent)? Maybe a little break away from the routine and a change of scenery would help too. Don’t to too hard on yourself for feeling a bit lost or apathetic, you’ve achieved a lot and you’ve got a ‘bum deal’ with the injury preventing you from running as you otherwise would, so your at a bit of a crossroads.xx

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      2. Karen says:

        Will have to find something to binge-watch (and make more effort not to binge-eat!) 😁
        Thanks for your support Caz xx

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