My running week (41)

Forget any other running injuries I’ve sustained because compared to this one they were insignificant.  This morning I’ve spent five hours at the urgent care centre at the hospital, to be fair they were very busy and I had to wait quite a long time for some blood test results so there’s no complaint from me about the wait or the quality of care.  Our NHS is fantastic, yes they may get it wrong sometimes but don’t we all?

So, I’ve had this niggling calf injury for a few weeks now, where the muscle would become very contracted, it improved with massage and would be fine after a few days but then I’d run and it would start again.

Last Saturday I did parkrun (course PB) and afterwards my leg was sore but by Tuesday it was ok so I went out and ran a different parkrun course but not pushing things.  Again it was a little sore afterwards but not as bad as the weekend, it was pretty much fine by the next day.  This weekend was the start of an interclub competition so I was a bit unsure whether to do parkrun as well, but I decided that I could take it easy and I’d be ok for Sunday’s interclub.

Wrong!  All of yesterday I have been in excruciating pain if I put any weight on it, the sort of pain that makes you feel queasy and faint.  I figured it would improve by the morning but if it hadn’t then I’d get it checked out, hence how I ended up at the hospital today.

The lovely nurses took my complicated medical history and raised concern over a DVT, being on tamoxifen increases the risk so it was a very valid concern.  Then the saga of trying to get blood out of my tiny little veins; three different sites, lots of needle manipulation and about 30 minutes later they had enough blood.  Unfortunately they are unable to run bloods at the urgent care centre at weekends so they had to send my blood to the major hospital and wait for results.  Thankfully all was fine on the DVT front.

The verdict is that I’ve sustained a partial tear to my gastrocnemius (very much ouch!), I’m on crutches and awaiting physio.

This running lark is mighty troublesome!


6 comments on “My running week (41)”
  1. Oh my God I did the same thing last year whilst playing tennis …. it’s hideously painful. Sending you huge hugs and loads of empathy! K xx

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    1. Karen says:

      Apparently it’s also known as tennis leg! Thanks for the good wishes xx

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      1. Yes! And just to make you feel really sporty, apparently sprinters get this too when they’re pushing off! Oh the hardships we athletes have to endure!! Xx

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      2. Karen says:

        That’ll be it, too much sprinting to the finish line! 😀

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    1. Karen says:

      Will try! Thanks ☺️


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