Cakes, bakes and, oddly, owls

I swear that if I remain this sedentary for much longer I may need to buy a new wardrobe of larger clothes… today me and younger son baked a rather nice chocolate cake which came out of the oven just after 11 am, perfect timing for a mid morning taste test, and because it was so scrumptious we then had a second slice at lunch.  We also baked quiches (broccoli, feta and olive) which strangely we didn’t feel the urge to taste test ahead of meal time!

All that baking meant a lot of standing so I dutifully retired back to the sofa after lunch and researched poetry magazines to submit my work to.  There are loads!  The National Poetry Library has a comprehensive list from which I decided to start with online magazine ‘Algebra of Owls’ because it has such a great name.  I have now submitted three poems; At the Races, Fragmented and Frozen Time.



3 comments on “Cakes, bakes and, oddly, owls”
  1. Enjoy! It’s really nice that your son join you in cooking. It seems that he’s on mid-term holiday.

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    1. Karen says:

      Yes, my younger son is on holiday this week and my older son next week. They both like baking cakes.

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  2. ashleyleia says:

    Good for you! And how can you go wrong with a magazine name like that?

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