Palm Oil (3.2.1. Quote Me)

Thank you Rory for tagging me in today’s 3.2.1. Quote me challenge on the topic of conversation.  I am very pleased to pick this up as I was about to write a post on the Iceland advert which has been banned from being broadcast on television.

In taking a stand against deforestation and destruction of habitat for palm oil production Iceland have played an ace card in the supermarket war.  There are many people, myself included, who would boycott all manufacturers who refuse to sign up to RSPO certified palm oil.  The problem is knowing who does and who doesn’t.

This is something I’m passionate about so rather than lecture my intelligent readers about stuff they already know, I’ll let my carefully chosen quotes, my response on Facebook and the advert do the talking…

Three quotes on the topic conversation

“Everyone has their own ways of expression. I believe we all have a lot to say, but finding ways to say it is more than half the battle.”
― Criss Jami, Salomé: In Every Inch In Every Mile
Iceland have quite brilliantly found a way to capture the public’s attention with this advert.

“All the inane, meaningless noises people make that pass for intelligent conversation. They might as well be pigs grunting in the pen. (92)”
– Norma Fox Mazer
So much of conversation is meaningless, maybe there should be more discussion about the bigger things in life?

“One great conversation can shift the direction of change forever.”
― Linda Lambert
The controversy surrounding this advert could be the catalyst for big manufacturers to stop supporting the destruction of habitat for palm oil production.

My response:

Yes it’s emotional, yes it’s dark. But it’s an important message that we (humans) have the power to change this. Iceland are leading the way and that should be applauded and the message shouted from the rooftops.
When will the destruction stop? When it’s too late to make a difference? Or right now?


You can find Rory at A Guy Called Bloke here:

321 Quote Me – Conversation

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9 thoughts on “Palm Oil (3.2.1. Quote Me)

  1. Wow, such fantastic quotes to apply to this. The whole Iceland advert thing seems completely illogical; I’ll have to read into it a bit more, see what other reasoning has been given to cancelling it other than saying it’s supporting a ‘political agenda’. Didn’t realise protecting the world we live in was political. I’ve signed the petition –

    You’re absolutely right, there should be more discussion about the bigger things in life, and these ‘smaller’ discussions and instances can add up to drastically shape the direction of change in future.
    Thanks for the tag, too 🙂
    Caz xx

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    1. When you step outside from a situation anything can be deemed political, the government and media worldwide should be doing all they can to protect the environment. I avoid Nestle products because they refuse to sign up to RSPO certification, I don’t know if other products I buy contain palm oil and what the source is but I try to do my bit where I can. As we all should. Hope you’re feeling ok now xx

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  2. This is a brilliant advert Karen and a topic as you probably know l am very passionate about – there’s a reblog on this 321 as you know, and it’s doubly important here 🙂

    Great quotes, great message, great conversation 🙂

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