Book review – Shades of a Human by Vindhya Colombage

One thing that annoys me about Kindle books is the presumption that the reader wants to start reading at chapter one or poem one.  This book is a prime example of what we miss by skipping forward.  Vindhya writes a very touching introduction about her poetic history and inspiration, also she includes very thoughtful acknowledgements.

As my words wouldn’t give as eloquent a synopsis I shall use the words of the author.

This collection of poems is about different perspectives of love, life, commitment and betrayal.  I believe that all humans have different shades. . . . I tried to look at these shades, emotions and different perspectives through this poetry collection.

Shades of a Human begins with ‘The Chameleon’ which speaks of how one can hide their true nature and manipulate their public image to fit within a current group or situation.  I’m sure we all know people who do this.

They flock around me,
Because, I have mastered the game so well
and no one knows I am a Chameleon

I could write a brief review of every poem in this book because each one will make you stop and think, and make you want to flick back the pages and read it again.  There are poems on lost love, forbidden love, betrayal, and duplicity.

‘They and Me’ works well juxtaposed against ‘The Chameleon’, which promotes the benefits of a manipulated outward persona, by contrast ‘They and Me’ speaks of the loneliness that comes from hiding your true feelings.

They don’t know the pain
they don’t see the suffering
they only see an image of me”

Sadly, I have only read through this book once so it is incredibly difficult to select a favourite poem but flicking through ‘Bleeding to Live’ caught my attention.  This poem has a wonderfully romantic beginning which gradually morphs into the idea that for each person in the relationship they will never feel enough and will never be seen as enough compared to previous loves.  I honestly cannot wait to read these words again.

Since becoming a poet I have read and reviewed a number of poetry books and I almost regret awarding five stars to some of these because this is by far the best book of poetry I have read to date.  It’s not perfect, the kindle formatting needs tweaking and there are a few typing/language mistakes, but none of this takes from the content and that is quite simply poetic beauty and very worthy of a five star rating.

You can read more from Vindhya on her blog, Colombage Corner

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