Healthy eating week

As much as I don’t want to give up the cake and the chocolate I’m struggling to keep my weight down with being so inactive.  Let’s face it even my activity at present isn’t what I’d class as being active.  So on Sunday evening I decided that the only way was the horribly strict way, for just one week… no more reliance on my long-standing sugar addiction… seriously life’s too short to pass over the ice cream.

Today is day two.  I’m not going to sit here whining about what I would give for a chocolate bar right now, however big my desire, well maybe a bit of whining.

Good wholesome vegetarian food.  Warming soups.  Salads.  Beans and pulses.  Vegetables.  It’s easy to eat healthily but it’s hard not to add the unhealthy extras.

sigh… 5 more days



4 comments on “Healthy eating week”
  1. What a great article, Karen! I’m also trying to lose weight – very slowly and without any major sacrifices. So far I’ve lost 9kg (about 20lb) with a very long way to go, Your writing does inspire me to make a bit more effort…
    I once saw a Hagar the Horrible cartoon strip that showed Hagar sitting at a long table groaning with huge roasts, desserts, bowls overfilled with cakes, etc. and Hagar’s wife, Helga, saying “It’s these in-between snacks that ruin his diet”.
    Keep up your good work! Rhonda

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    1. Karen says:

      Well done Rhonda, a 9 kilo weight loss is a fantastic achievement. Keep going and you’ll achieve more. Sometimes I’m a bit Hagar! Cakes & desserts are so my thing.

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    1. Karen says:

      Thank heavens for bananas and their lovely sweetness! Cheers!

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