My running injury week (47)

There have been moments this week where I was completely unaware that I’d injured my leg, there were more times when sensation was persistent but only at a very low level. ┬áProgress is definitely happening and it’s definitely slow, despite my hopes that the physio would be wrong about that.


This week:

  • went for a walk with a friend which as expected was slow, but was lovely company
  • I also went for two other short walks, one on my own and one with the boys
    I’m managing 3km now
  • I’ve been to the gym three times, have increased resistance on the bike to level 3 and can maintain a pace of 75-85rpm, I can also do a slow paced 15 minutes on the cross-trainer (level 1)
    I haven’t been on the rowing machine this week
  • I am more mobile at drumming practice (samba band) managing to do some stepping but not for the whole session
  • I did my three lots of physio (level 2) but had to break each one into two sessions as I could only manage one of the exercises at a time
  • and walking around the shops is a lot easier

Next week:

  • continue with physio level 2 exercises
  • go to the gym twice (I have my mum visiting for the first half of the week)
  • go for three walks increasing distance and incorporating some up/down hills
  • do as much stepping at band practice as I can manage

Gym goals:

  • 20 minutes cross-trainer – look to increase pace slightly
  • 30 minutes on bike stay at level 3
  • 10 minutes rowing, try level 2

Have a great week, get outside in the beautiful countryside, breathe in the freash air and appreciate the wonder of nature.
Karen x

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