Love it, or hate it?

As we get ever nearer to December and Christmas there develops a split across all humanity.*  There are people who love Christmas and everything about this season and then there are those who cannot stand anything to do with it.
(Of course many people will have a grey shaded ambivalence but who are they kidding ambivalence definitely falls into the hate it category!)

I would have to hop over to the sunny (snowy) side of the fence where the grass is always greener, or the frost is always sparklier.  No, I absolutely don’t love everything about Christmas… I don’t like the gift buying part of it, I don’t like the crazy obsessive people who rush around town centres spend spend spending like there’s never been Christmas before.  What I like is the twinkly lights, pretty decorations, carols, frosty air, the opportunity to catch up with friends on a Christmas night out, chocolate!

I especially like the lights, illuminated high streets on dark nights.  I like the beautiful displays in garden centres.  I like Christmas markets and artisan products.

Peace and joy x

* obviously not all of humanity!


3 comments on “Love it, or hate it?”
  1. There’s nothing like a beautifully outdoor display of decorated homes and streets during the Christmas season!

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  2. ashleyleia says:

    Even at my most bah humbug, the lights are still always pretty to look at.

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    1. Karen says:

      Lol, embrace your inner child and smile at the sparkly lights 🙂

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