Second most famous poet in the village

Since becoming a poet, my hubby humourously refers to me as the second most famous poet in the village.  The first being Heathcote Williams.

I don’t have a huge knowledge of either classic or modern poetry and poets.  There are some that obviously spring to mind; Wordsworth, Tennyson, Blake etc, and then there’s the poet laureates; Ted Hughes Andrew Motion, Carol Ann Duffy, and finally the incredibly funny Pam Ayres.  I had not heard of Heathcote Williams.

Heathcote Williams wrote long poems, and I mean very long, as in a whole book long! He used his words as a commentary on various ecological/social/political issues – Google him.  Because of the link between myself and the very famous Mr Williams, I was keen to read some of his work which is where the wonder of Amazon marketplace comes in.  For a tiny price of around £3 each I have purchased copies of Whale Nation and Sacred Elephant.  I have read some of Whale Nation and I’m very impressed with his writing and with the educational content, he clearly spent many hours/days/months researching and bringing it all together with his unique style of poetry.

With the talented Heathcote Williams having been the most famous poet in the village, I am happy to take second place!


2 comments on “Second most famous poet in the village”
  1. ashleyleia says:

    When you come 2nd only to a man with a dignified name like Heathcote, you know you’re doing well in the world!

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