Indecisive morning

Good morning 🌞

I’m on one of those days where decision making is going to be challenging. It took me an age to get out of bed this morning and now I’m passing time in an unproductive manner on my phone; scrolling through Facebook and doing random test things doesn’t count as productive in my mind. I have a to do list for today which includes going to the gym, I just can’t decide whether to do it now or later and until I’ve decided that I can’t get dressed! 😁

I think the problem is really that I want to keep working on my Christmas patchwork but have more pressing things that need doing.

“Just go to the gym woman, get it over with…!” 🙄


4 comments on “Indecisive morning”
  1. I get it. I’ll rather stay in my pjs and continue with the patchwork. 🙂

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    1. Karen says:

      Lol, me too! 😁

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  2. Ha! Welcome to my world! X

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  3. I know that feeling… have a nice day!

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