My running week (52)

It’s astonishing to think of what I’ve achieved with my running journey in just one year. This is my final running update of 2018 and, as such, I will be wearing my smug pants as I share exactly what I’ve achieved.

But first how has my week been?

  • I have been on a two mile (or longer) walk each day
  • I did Christmas Day parkrun, I even slow jogged small bits of it but mostly speed walking, and regular Saturday parkrun (with a little more slow jogging)
  • I haven’t done enough physio and haven’t been to the gym… but who goes to the gym at Chrsitmas anyway?

2018 in numbers!

  • 500 miles
  • 16 virtual races
  • 6 races
  • 19 parkruns
  • parkrun PB 27:54
  • 4 parkrun courses (plus Hereford as a freedom run)
  • 2 parkrun freedom runs
  • 7 parkrun volunteer (2 x marshal, 5 x tail walker)
  • 10k PB 58:26
  • 4 injuries
  • 17 weeks injured

Just WOW!

With 2019 just over the horizon and a return from injury mere weeks away I can only hope that next year will be as awesome.


3 comments on “My running week (52)”
  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Woooohoooo, those smug pants fit you well, you’re doing brilliantly!
    And nobody goes to the gym at Christmas. Or at least, I don’t think it should be allowed 😛
    Here’s to a positive 2019 for you lovely xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen says:

      Ha ha think the smug pants are a bit more like snug pants after Christmas!
      No gym until 2019!
      Hope you have a great 2019 too xx

      Liked by 1 person

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