Life with teens

My children, two teenage boys with additional needs, have taken the art of teenagering to new levels this week.  For simplicity I’ll name the older one Teen A, and the younger Teen B.

Teen A hasn’t left the house for about seven of the last fourteen days and is rarely out of bed before midday.  He spends many hours in his room playing on his xbox, when he comes out of his room he plays on his tablet or phone.  If he speaks to us it’s about the game he’s been playing on his xbox.

Teen B is a little better but has also had three or four days where he hasn’t got out of bed until midday, he has left the house most days but spends almost all of his time in the house playing on his Nintendo DS, tablet etc, or watching tv.

And don’t start me on how long it is between showers…

I could fight this, but it would be a constant fight and for my own sanity I just don’t want to.  Back to college/school next week and getting them up in time will be fight enough.

I have plans for this weekend, plans to make the most of the last of their Christmas break, plans that will involve them getting up and out.  Whether these plans will be achieved is another matter.


9 comments on “Life with teens”
  1. My teenage daughter is the same! She spends most of her time in her room playing xbox or watching Netflix, showers sporadically. I can totally relate though – the battle isn’t worth it! Battles have to be chosen otherwise you spend your life at loggerheads. Hang in there Mum! 😁

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    1. Karen says:

      I know I’m not alone but I really do believe some teens are better than others. Choosing our battles keeps us sane, hang in there yourself xx

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      1. Absolutely, most of my daughter’s friends fit into the ‘better’ category. They’re all different and all have their different challenges. Maintaining sanity is the goal, though some days I think it’s taken a day off! xx

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      2. Karen says:

        I hear you sister! xx

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  2. Invisibly Me says:

    Sounds like quite the challenge you have on your hands! I wish you luck… you may need it 😉

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  3. Rakkelle says:

    I have one teen and I can so relate…Mine is a Fortnite junkie.

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    1. Karen says:

      I hear a lot of them are! 😁


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