Update on ‘Life with teens’

Friday evening I decided that the teens were not going to be allowed to linger in their beds all morning and not leave the house all day.  I wasn’t sure how complient they’d be with my efforts to get them up and out but was ready to take on the challenge.

Saturday morning, I asked Teen 2 if he wanted to come to parkrun with me, he declined, so I went on my own which was fine.  A little while after I’d got home I knocked in turn on both their doors and told them it was 10.30 and time to get up and dressed.  Teen 2 said ‘OK’, Teen 1 said ‘what are we doing?’ to which I replied ‘nothing if you don’t get up and dressed’

yes, yes I know there are better words

He answered with ‘fine‘…
… now unless you have your very own teenage ray of sunshine you may imagine the word ‘fine’ said in a breezy cheerful oh-yes-that’s-absolutely-fine-of-course-I’ll-get-up-and-dressed manner.
No, no, no, that’s definitely not the right tone.
His ‘fine’ is more like getting-up-and-dressed-is-absolutely-the-last-thing-I-want-to-do-I-hate-you-you’re-totally-ruining-my-life. 

Having had their breakfast by 11am, we finished the gingerbread house (please note I am only calling it a house because that’s what it was supposed to be) and then I asked Teen 1 if he’d help clean out the garage – yes, I was very surprised that he agreed – while Teen 2 did some revision homework for his business finance exam.

Two hours later, garage swept clean of all traces of rat and many rat contaminated items thrown out we went out for lunch.  Yes, they both resorted back to their screens for the remainder of the day, but I had succeeded in my mission!

Day 2: Sunday.  Hubby and I got up at around 8am and went to drop some rubbish at the tip, we then had breakfast at Costa and looked around a few shops getting back home at about 10.15.  We were surprised that Teen 2 was up and had eaten breakfast, and Teen 1 was up and getting dressed.  Taking advantage of this I said that we’d go to the zoo for a few hours.  Teen 2 said ‘OK’, Teen 1 said (yes, you’ve guessed it) ‘fine‘, meaning why-are-you-ruining-my-life-I-went-out-yesterday-why-can’t-I-sit-in-front-of-my-xbox-all-day or something similar.

Natuarally they’ve both been firmly attached to their tablets since the minute we got back in the house, but I think we can comfortably say I won that particular battle!

Mum 2 : Teens 0


5 comments on “Update on ‘Life with teens’”
  1. Oh the recalled joys of raising teenagers…

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  2. Go Mum! What a win! I had a giggle reading your teenage definitions of ‘fine’. So true.

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    1. Karen says:

      Isn’t it just?! 😀

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