Day 3 gym bunny (RED day 9)

On Monday I began my campaign to return to my pre-injury weight (and back into my size 10 jeans). Having met a friend for lunch, I’m pleased to say that I was able to make healthy choices and stepped away from the cake counter, although the cakes did look very appealing. I treated myself to a very small end of day chocolate bar (110 kcal).

Tuesday morning and already feeling less bloated, I was back at the gym; this time my target was 20 steady minutes on the cross-trainer and another set of leg focused exercises. Sticking with U2 and with scrolling lyrics the bigger challenge was not singing out loud!

Healthy muesli for my pre-gym breakfast, egg and avocado salad sandwich on olive bread for lunch and a veggie bean chilli for dinner and I headed into day 3 with my motivation remaining strong. If there was a spanner in the works it would be in the shape of two teenage boys and their very best efforts to drive me to binge eat an entire chocolate factory. I settled for a teensy tiny amount of chocolate.

Wednesday pleasingly has fewer commitments in my schedule, so my exercise plan for today is a long walk. The longest I’ve managed post-injury is 3.6 miles, so my target is a minimum of 4 miles, if I can achieve 6 miles then I’ll be extremely happy (as 6 miles is almost 10k). A treat of scrambled eggs, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes for breakfast and I’m all set to go!

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