Winter sun photography

There really is something special about winter sun; whilst the grass is white with frost and there’s a chill in the air, the winter sun shines bright in a cloudless sky and with its warmth on your skin comes a reminder that Spring is on its way.

This morning I set out on my RED January walk with one aim, which was to increase my longest distance to at least 4 miles.  I chose a route that could easily be extended or shortened should my calf disagree with my plan.  I hadn’t expected it to be such a beautiful day and couldn’t resist snapping a few photographs of the world in which I live.

As you can see I am a little obsessed with trees!

An interesting moment occured when I walked up this lane…


… and around the bend I came face to face with these two beauties, standing as sentries on either side of the narrow road


I waited hoping the approaching car would make them both move to the same side of the road but they pretty much stayed in exactly the same spot.  Warily I approached the cow on the right, while keeping a watchful eye on the hefty bull to my left.  As I stepped forward the cow stepped towards me, as I stepped left she moved left… I didn’t want to walk back down the way I’d come so I just tiptoed through between them muttering please don’t move to the bull.  They watched me as I went past and then turned their focus on a high-vis clad cyclist.

Shortly after that I reached the top of the hill, and this stunning view, grateful that my calf is sufficiently recovered to enable me to get out and experience this beautiful day.



4 comments on “Winter sun photography”
  1. What an absolutely stunning day! Your photos capture it so well xx

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    1. Karen says:

      In comparison today is very dull and gloomy.

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      1. It changes so quickly. We’ve had a scorcher here today!!

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