My running week (Y2-2)

Good morning, today the UK is being battered by stormy winds meaning there’s little to entice even the hardiest runners to lace up their shoes and step outside the door.  Fortunately for me, there remains no chance of running this weekend – hey, let’s look on the bright side!

Further to my venting post the other evening I remain despondent that running feels so far away in my recovery, however, my physio appointment on Thursday morning may give me some hope.

This week, having successfully moved onto the final level of physio exercises, I introduced some leg work at the gym.  Starting slowly with just 10 reps each, I increased to 15 at my second gym visit of the week.  I also did some abs work and boy did my abs know about it!  I think they were still aching three days later.

My other huge target of the week was to see if I could walk 6 miles (10k).  With my first 10k race of the year only eight weeks away I was concerned that if I couldn’t even walk it now my chances of being able to complete it in the 90 minute deadline were remote.  I happened to chose the most beautiful day of the week and had a very enjoyable walk, despite a slightly worrying encounter with a bull.  I reached my 6 mile target and felt optimistic that my race in March would be achievable.

However, the next day my calf was fairly achy so I stayed in the house resting until, even with the heating blasting away, I couldn’t stay warm and went for a short (approx. 1.5 mile) walk.  That evening I had band practice, which in a samba drumming band involves standing with a drum strapped around your waist and stepping side to side in time to the beat.  This did not play well with my already slightly aching calf and Friday saw me housebound once more, with a sense of gloom about my recovery.

Saturday it was feeling somewhat better so off I went to parkrun (walk) and in the afternoon we went round a few shops, which brings me to Sunday and an ongoing sense that getting back from this injury is going to take a long, long time.

Stats for the week:

  • static bike 6 miles / 30 mins
  • cross trainer 2 miles / 25 mins
  • 4 walks totalling 12.7 miles

Wishing you all an awesome week ahead,
Karen x

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