RED 16 – Tai chi

Tai chi isn’t something I’ve ever tried before, however my hubby does it (he’s very good) and really enjoys it.  Research has shown that tai chi gives similar health benefits to aerobic/cardio exercise classes such as zumba, so when the gym scheduled a beginners class I was very keen to give it a try.

There are five popular styles of tai chi all of which feature slow movement and smooth transition between poses.  My class will be learning the yang style, I think hubby does wu style.  The first class was taken at a very slow pace with a lot of explanation about energy flow and meridians, and a focus on posture.  Our instructor demonstrated the whole sequence of movement that we will learn piece by piece over the next three months.

After just one session I can see how tai chi will improve my balance and posture, strengthen muscles and give a sense of inner peace.

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