Series: How to… 2. be mindful

Mindfulness is a big buzzword; it seems that if we practice mindfulness in all we do in life then our worries will just float away!  Mindfulness cannot be the answer to everything, I absolutely accept that there are benefits, some really big ones at that, and a mindful approach to life can be helpful to many aspects of life but it’s not a magic wand ~ and who doesn’t want a magic wand?

This post is about being mindful of the world around us.

Back in the days when I worked for a large financial company I drove to work each day leaving home at around 7.10am.  The journey took me along a dual carriageway and it really made my day if I saw the cows crossing the bridge on their way to or from being milked.  I don’t know why but this would make me smile.

How many of us go through life without noticing such moments?

Without looking up at the clouds, or noticing a rainbow?

Examining the architecture in our cities?

Admiring the flowers in a neighbours garden?

It takes such a small amount of time but can make a huge difference to the way we view the world.  Try being aware of the beauty surrounding us and simply take a moment to appreciate it.

asda sunrise
Sunrise from a supermarket carpark

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Hi, I'm Karen, creator of which is home to my poetry, art and general ramblings. I am the author two collections of poetry, 'Kaleidoscopic Beauty' & 'I am the Stars in the Sky', and the children's book 'All That Glitters' (not yet published). I also enjoy running.

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