The Red Dress (pt.2)

shining lights on the window display
with eyes full of tears, I move away
from the pretty dress with its sparkle and shine
now left in the shop for another to find
someone with confidence and somewhere to go
who will dress to impress with a scarlet glow
but to me that dress will always be mine
as in my memory I sparkle and shine

copyright © 2019 Karen Horsley

The Red Dress pt.1


  1. I feel like January has disappeared in a blink. I get distracted a lot and struggle with focus, but to have ideas and passion and to be doing everything you are is, I think, a positive. I really do hope you hear something back from the publications soon, waiting must be excruciating. I don’t think you’ve exhausted anything, you have plenty of beautiful words left yet. Xxxx

    1. aw you always say such lovely things <3
      I had an email update from one press saying they were going to send out responses in March for the first poems I submitted to them. I guess at least if they're taking that long to assess all entries they are taking it seriously!
      I can't believe it's Feb already.

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