My running week (Y2-6)

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It’s been a great week, I’m still moving on with my recovery / return to running and have reached the magical 25% point; running 250m per km.  I tell you, when you’ve been running teeny tiny distances reaching 250m seems like I’ve progressed a long way!

This week I followed my plan and ran on Monday and Wednesday, on Saturday I was tail walker at parkrun, and on Sunday I did a charity obstacle run with the boys.  Last Sunday I thought that I might need to stay at 15% running for the week, but actually things felt fine so I stepped up the distance.

Parkrun was a little odd this week.  As tail walker you keep pace with the last participant and follow them over the finish line – hence the tag line No one comes last because the tail walker is always last.  This is something I’m more than happy to do while I’m still in recovery mode and have committed to doing the next three weeks also, however, as I mentioned, this week was a little odd.

My home event is a two lap course and yesterday the last participant decided to drop out after one lap.  She was more than capable of carrying on as she’s a regular at parkrun, but yesterday morning was cold and windy so she dropped out because she didn’t want the marshals standing around in the cold waiting for her to finish.  What a lovely considerate lady.  However, with my injury I couldn’t run to catch up to the next person so the marshals were sort of standing around waiting for me to finish anyway, 3 1/2 minutes after the last runner.

My second event of the weekend was a charity run for the Cancer Centre where I had my treatment.  It was a 2km loop with hay bales to jump over, pipes to crawl through, cargo nets to crawl under and to climb up, oh and monkey bars which I can’t do!  We missed the start because early morning I had to pay an unscheduled visit to the Urgent Care Centre with, as it transpired, a corneal abrasion.  And can I just say what a painful injury it is.  I have no idea how I did it, I assume something blew in my eye at some point during windy yesterday and didn’t bother me until the point where it had scratched my eyeball.  On the plus side at least I wasn’t being overly dramatic about nothing.

The obstacle course was great fun, loads of runners dressed in green, some, me, with green wigs and green face paints, and it also took my mind off the pain in my eye which suddenly became even more painful after the event.  Co-codamol will be my friend tonight and, no doubt, insomnia my enemy!

Have a great week, K x


6 comments on “My running week (Y2-6)”
  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Busy busy, Karen – you’re doing fab, and I love the photos!! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen says:

      Green is totally my colour! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ashleyleia says:

    Wow, no one could possibly accuse you of not giving 110%!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen says:

      Sometimes I wish I was more a 85% kind of person. Hope you’re ok xx

      Liked by 1 person

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