My running week (Y2-8)

My recovery continues and it’s now just two weeks to my 10k race.

This week I feel better about my ability to complete the event as I’ve stepped up both my run percent and distance.  I’m still alternating run/walk and will be for the race but there’s a shimmering mirage of the finish line drawing me onwards.

Last week I completed training runs 1 and 2 with a combined run distance of approx. 4.1km compared to a walk distance of 8.3km, with no significant pain to my injured calf. I was hopeful that I’d be able to increase the run percentage to 50% during my two training runs this week.

Training run 3:  my plan was to make the leap to 50% running, still in 250m intervals, and complete 5k.  The run ended up as 6k having miscalculated my halfway point but I kept to my intervals with no ill effect.

Training run 4:  building on the previous run I wanted to increase overall distance slightly, so planned to complete 7k in 250m run/walk intervals, which I did, again with no significant discomfort.

The day between the two runs was some kind of torture as I really really really wanted to go for a run but knew I couldn’t/shouldn’t and my sensible brain prevailed and I resisted.

However, the day after TR4 I had the slightly mad idea of testing whether I could run a short distance (approx. 1km) non-stop.  Walking to the top of the road I did a circuit of the housing estate and then walked back home: total distance 0.9 miles (1.4km).  I was so pleased that I’d managed it and thought everything was ok with my calf.

BUT THEN that evening was band practice (really should have figured that out before I broke my running rehab rules).

  • Band practice involves standing with a heavy-ish drum hanging from my waist and stepping to the beat.
  • Band practice always makes my leg ache the next day and I rarely manage to step through the whole session.
  • Band practice is why Thursday and Friday are my rest days.

And I didn’t take this into account… foolishly!  Which meant that on Friday my leg was pretty uncomfortable, in fact there was even some minor limping when I walked over to the art centre and park (oops), and then on Friday night I was convinced I’d completely blown my chances of doing the 10k…

… but thankfully it was a lot better when I got up on Saturday morning and thankfully my tail walking was minimal on the jogging.  No real harm done and another lesson for Karen’s handbook of recovery!

Next week is older son’s half term and I have a couple of appointments, so I’m just planning on one training run during the week, tail walker at parkrun on Saturday and maybe something on Sunday – when it will only be one week to the race!

Have a great week, K x

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