Watercolour 16

The watercolour books that I’m using (Matthew Palmer) are produced in association with The Society of All Artists. Looking into this group I was impressed by the benefits of joining for a nominal membership cost, so I requested an information pack to take a look at their bi-monthly magazine Paint.

Paint is a great magazine, it’s inclusive of all styles and mediums (if that’s the right word) and has step by step tutorials to encourage readers to try recreating the artwork shown. I almost certainly will be joining.

Having read some of the magazine while in the hospital waiting room I was keen to try my own version of the below image by Hazel Lale. I was attracted by the bright colours, not routinely associated with watercolours, and the apparent simplicity of the components.

birds hazel

A few hours later and I had produced something I was happy with and will be looking into Hazel’s work further.

two birds

Hazel’s book, Vibrant Watercolours, is one to add to my wish list.


2 comments on “Watercolour 16”
  1. irsister7 says:

    Well done on beginning your journey into watercolour painting. They look good! I also love the SAA for it’s range of materials and books (of which I have many). Enjoy your new hobby. Anna

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    1. Karen says:

      Thanks Anna, the Matthew Palmer books are excellent. I truly thought my art would be awful but the books explain everything so well. I’m pleased I took the leap and tried watercolours.
      Thank you for reading and your supportive comment.


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