All That Glitters update

I am overflowing with anxiety right now.  I was playing with the format of my rhyming children’s story, All That Glitters, when I receive an email from Olympia Publishing to say that are about to review my book but the file wouldn’t open.  Files resent and my stomach is churning with hope and fear.  I know that there are other publishers if Olympia aren’t keen but this is so nerve rackingly scary.


6 comments on “All That Glitters update”
  1. Invisibly Me says:

    It’s scary but you’re doing it, you’re putting yourself out there & it’s worth it, whatever the outcome! 😀

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    1. Karen says:

      Had a second email today, they said I would probably hear back next week – eek! 😀

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  2. ashleyleia says:

    Exciting! Fingers crossed!

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  3. Betul Erbasi says:

    Whatever will be will be. Hope you get that whatever soon!

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    1. Karen says:

      Exactly, still scary waiting! 😁

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      1. Betul Erbasi says:

        I totally relate to the feeling. I have had a fair share of my own. But oh well, we can only just wait.

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