A space of my own

Last week ended with me feeling disheartened about my future of running, with my ongoing calf injury and demonstated proof that it induces dizzy spells I felt that there actually was no clear future that involved me meeting my goals. Having to cancel my target 10k race (which would have been tomorrow) was upsetting as it wasn’t just the one race, it was the end of my plans to complete the Chester Triple this year. In the back of my mind I was clinging on to the hope that an enforced period of extreme rest would give my recovery the boost it needed to get me back up and running in time that I could train for my next planned half marathon in September. And I’m still clinging to that hope.

As the week has progressed my leg has had good days and bad days, and my emotional state has also been up and down. I’ve done some gym work on strengthening my muscles and have minimised any other activity as much as I can. But I’m impatient and I don’t like being sedentary. And the lack of exertion impacts my mood negatively, which then doesn’t help me maintain any level of positivity.

On the plus side I was able to sell my places in the three Chester races for what I’d paid for them and still clinging on to hope I invested the money in a new pair of running shoes… I’m not allowed to run and I now own four pairs of running shoes which I shall categorise as per Monica (Friends) does with her towels: everyday, guest, fancy, and fancy guest! I have casual winter, casual summer, trail, and race training… justification for four pairs, surely?

Apart from any running related despair I’ve actually had a pretty good week and am extremely grateful for my creative den. The perfect sanctuary away from the ordinariness of life, a space of my own to relax and create. A sewing room, writing room, art room, it can be whatever I want and I can fill it with beautiful things.

This week I’ve continued with my watercolours and stepped out of the comfort zone of my own space to join an art class, which I really enjoyed.

I’ve written some poetry and have a new idea for a rhyming children’s storybook.

Olympia Publishers are assessing my work and I should hear next week whether like All That Glitters enough to offer me a publishing contract. I also hope to hear from Emma Press this month regarding some poetry submissions I’ve made to them.

I treated myself to a collection of Sylvia Plath poetry having read Ted Hughes Birthday Letters earlier this year, Plath being Hughes wife prior to their separation. You can read my review of Birthday Letters on my goodreads page. I also finished Lucy Dillon’s The Ballroom Class, great escapist chick-lit, and likewise reviewed this.

Next week I will be planning, plotting and scheming. And who knows where that will lead?

Much love, K x

Two right shoes


7 comments on “A space of my own”
  1. It’s so good to have a creative space and a great way to keep you busy while you’re unable to run. Best of luck with the publishers too! ☺

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    1. Karen says:

      Thank you, hopefully will hear something soon!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Invisibly Me says:

    Loving the watercolours, my fingers are crossed for Olympia and also Emma Press!

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  3. ashleyleia says:

    It sure sounds like your making good use of your enforced non-running time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen says:

      Making lemonade from life’s lemons or something! 😁 Thanks x

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  4. Woww. I think I haven’t been able to do anything at all after this

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