My running week (Y2-12)

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How to get a runner’s body without running…

If anyone knows the answer to this let me know, but in the meantime here’s how my week’s been.

Following my yoga session last Saturday, my leg was still sore by Monday which definitely crosses yoga off my list of things to do.  Also, this meant my plan to go to the gym was out, so Monday was spent writing and submitting as per previous post.  

Tuesday through Friday was spent mainly writing and painting but also I’ve been trying very hard to stick to healthy food choices and happily finished the week down a couple of lbs.

With my ongoing injury/recovery, I’ve come up with a new set of running goals – wiping my chalkboard clean of marathon and metric marathons and replacing these with new parkrun goals:

  • to have completed at least 50 parkruns (all time total)
  • visited ten different parkruns (2019)
  • reach 25 volunteer credits (all time)

With my super committment to rest, recovery and increasing my protein intake over the past three weeks, I can honestly say my calf felt great (once it had recovered from yoga!) I’ll come back to protein shakes in a moment.  On Wednesday I have my orthopeadic appointment, so I really needed a representative active day to test things.  There would be little point turning up and saying ‘yeah actually it’s a lot better’… no kidding it’s better when I’m not doing anything.

As my running buddy is coming up to his GCSEs he had a revision session at school from 10am on Saturday which wouldn’t give time to walk/run parkrun and get him there… unless we went to a nearer parkrun.  So Saturday morning I put my faith in Google Maps and we set off to find Phoenix parkrun.

I missed the junction.

We ended up on a toll road (bridge).

I took the wrong exit off a roundabout.

I got very flustered and decided life was conspiring against me.

We got to the car park.

Had to walk/run half a mile to the start.

And made it just as the run started.


Apart from the navigation issue, parkrun went very well.  It was a beautiful day, the park was lovely and everyone really friendly.  Running buddy stayed with me (walk/slow jog) for the first 3 km, until I said I’d probably have to walk the rest of it then off he went.  The course was two and a bit laps and the last maybe 800m is on a downhill gradient, with my calf a little rested I decided to slow jog down the hill and to the finish.

Amazingly I achieved my best parkrun time this year at 39:24!  And I think, crosses fingers, my leg coped with it ok.  At least it was ok enough to spend 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon sweeping out the garage and tidying the garden.

So, . . . back to protein shakes.  Firstly, anything that has the word shake associated with it immediately makes me shudder at the thought of drinking cow’s milk as I just don’t like it.  But as there are now many vegan options to choose from, a protein shake is an option that I’ve been experimenting with.  Someone that I used to work with and randomly bumped into last summer, messaged me asking if I wanted to do a free trial of Herbalife Nutrition.  Why not?

Included in the trial pack are six portions of shake powder (3 vanilla, 3 cookies and cream) and six portions of herbal tea, which is designed to give your metabolism a boost.  The tea contained a significant amount of caffeine so I haven’t tried that, although doing so while wearing a cardiac event monitor might have given some interesting data!  Until I received the Herbalife shakes, I’d been using My Vegan Protein in chocolate flavour, blended with soya milk and a banana.  The grainy texture was almost neutralised by the banana so they were nice enough to drink, and I was quite happy with the massive protein boost my injury was getting daily.

But then I tried the Herbalife shakes, again I wasn’t taken with the flavour without added fruit so I chucked some frozen mango in with a vanilla shake and. . . WOW!  It created this amazing smoothie, texture like melting ice cream and was just heavenly.  The next few days I experimented with a variety of fruit all with good results.  Then my six samples were gone and I had to go back to My Vegan Protein. . . chocolate shake with added raspberries.

Chocolate goes with rasperberries right?

Not in this combo.  It was possibly the worst thing I’ve ever tasted in my whole life, and I was determined to drink it shuddering at each gulp until I actually thought I was going to bring it back up and the rest went down the drain.

So what did I do the next morning?

I tried the My Vegan vanilla with added raspberries.  While not as bad as the chocolate, it was far from the heavenly melty ice cream of Herbalife.

So now I have a problem, with around two months of My Vegan Protein products to get through, I may be developing a psychological aversion to protein shakes.  And while the Herbalife is significantly more palatable, it doesn’t contain as much protein and is more expensive.  And it’s all about the protein.

Have a great week!
K x



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