Most definitely impatient

Following on from my post last week Impatient or Patient I can confirm I am most definitely impatient, or frustrated, or maybe just tired of it all.

The cardiac event recorder was returned on Monday, I actually disconnected it on Sunday evening due to skin irritation, and I can be 99% sure that it won’t show anything particularly adverse.  My ENT appointment last Wednesday was cancelled due to the consultant being ill, but it’s been rescheduled for Saturday 6th April so that’s ok.  And then there was my orthopaedic consult today…

My younger son has a tummy bug so I kept him off school and as I’m not feeling particularly great either, I decided not to go to art class this morning.  Hubby arranged to work from home this afternoon so I didn’t have to drag poorly child along to the hospital with poorly me.  Briefly, I was the first appointment after lunch, wasn’t seen until 30 minutes after my appointment time, the consultant spent about 5 minutes with me, said everything seemed ok and that six months wasn’t an unreasonable recovery time.  I explained physio’s concerns so she said they’d do an ultrasound and that was it.  I asked about getting back to running and my normal level of activity but no advice was given.

A complete waste of time.

So, right now I’m not a patient patient, I’m an annoyed patient who isn’t feeling well, has been overwhelmed with people and noise, and still has no idea what to do.

Happy sunshiney Karen will be back tomorrow…

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Hi, I'm Karen, creator of My blog has an overriding positive message that there is good to be found in every day, that there is always blue sky behind the clouds and that we can use adversity to become even more awesome. I am a poet and the author of 'Kaleidoscopic Beauty' & 'I am the Stars in the Sky', I also enjoy running.

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