My running week (Y2-15)

My running week began with so much promise.  The 5 miler my son and I had done on Saturday hadn’t affected my leg too badly, by which I mean it was more ache than pain and it lasted less than 48 hours.  Sticking to my mantra that rest days are sacred I mainly rested Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (with the exception of a gentle walk with a friend on Monday).  I felt great and I was so ready for the race.

I have only completed one five mile race before, and that was a bit of a test post injury, with the question of can I even do five miles? spinning round my mind.  That race, on 31st March, was the penultimate Borders League race and I was very pleased to finish it well under the one hour mark with a time of 53:31.

Would I be able to improve on my time just ten days later?

There were many points in favour of a good result, the biggest one being that Chester Spring 5 route didn’t have the hill profile of the previous race and in particular didn’t have a mile long climb.  Chester Spring 5 wasn’t a flat route but it was a good mix, the inclines were gentle and the downhills were fast.  In addition I was another week and a half into my recovery and had done two more gentle runs in that time which will have helped my endurance a little bit.

So, I was excited, I was motivated and I was optimistic of a good result.  Not wanting to overdo things I’d set myself a moderate target and was aiming for under 52 minutes.  I’d also been working on my son’s confidence and motivation and gave him a target of 42 minutes… which he smashed coming in at 39:00 – if only my legs were that long (and that young)!

It was a beautiful evening, just perfect for a run.

I started right at the back and my son was somewhere in the middle.  I kept a steady pace for the first 3 miles but found my energy fading from then on.  Shortly after I noticed that the man who’d just overtaken me was someone I’d been chatting to at the Borders League race, so I caught him up and we kept each other company for the rest of the race.  He said it was his best run for about five years and was encouraging me to stick with him and at the 4 mile mark I thought maybe I had a shot at sub 50 minutes.  However, fatigue won that particular battle and mental strength wasn’t enough to keep me running.  A mix of walk/run to the end, I had a strong finish and then lay down on the grass absolutely knackered!

The PB was never in doubt and I was very happy with my official time of 50:39.  Could I have knocked another 40 seconds off?  Maybe?  But there’s always next time.

Race PBs

Have a great week,
K x

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