Beach clean

I am well again YAY! 😁

This is great news because obviously being ill sucks and because today I had planned on being an environmental activist – if my understanding of the word ‘activist’ is correct. Today me and the boys were taking part in our first beach clean.

I have mentioned New Brighton before, in fact it was the location of my first vlog. Why do I like New Brighton? Is it the free parking? The sandy beach? Or the best ice cream shop in the entire universe? Anyway the promise of a visit to Caffè Cream was all it took to persuade the boys that my plan was a good plan.

Apologies for the quality of my vlog, it was rather windy, and yes the ice cream was good!

Running time approx. 1min


2 comments on “Beach clean”
  1. Invisibly Me says:

    I had to check Google maps for New Brighton but I’ve learned something new! Good ice-cream (or a good milkshake like at Ed’s Easy Diner) would tempt me to do almost anything & travel almost anywhere 😀
    Wow, very windy there, you can really hear it and see the sand moving well, which I wouldn’t have thought would be too clear on camera but it was. For a minute there when talking about being an environmental activist I thought you were about to glue yourself to a bus in London! A beach clean is a fantastic idea, such a wonderful thing to do with your time to help lend a hand & make an important difference =]
    Caz xx

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  2. Ihagh G. T. says:

    interesting service to environment. nice share

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