My running week (Y2-16)

I was pleased to feel well enough by Tuesday to go for a gentle 5k with my son. I say gentle, but I actually ran the whole distance (slowly).

Wednesday was the day of my tilt table test, which I’d been dreading – this was a test cardiology thought I should have following the exercise stress test and the witnessed blood pressure drop. Why was I dreading it? Well, the tilt table test aims to provoke symptoms which would make me faint and I really don’t like fainting! However, although feeling very tired and headachy by the end of it, I’m glad to say that my heart rate and blood pressure responded appropriately for the duration of the test. However, Wednesday morning I dealt with some pre-appointment nerves by running three loops of a nearby housing estate, only 2 miles total.

Then followed lots of rest days and parkrun on Saturday.

One of my goals for the year is to run 10 different parkrun courses and last week we’d planned to do Bodelwyddan Castle parkrun but as I was unwell we delayed it until this week. Yesterday morning: the sun was bright, the temperature was high – 20 degC at 9am in North Wales in April… what is going on with the weather?!

I’d read that Bodelwyddan parkrun was a mainly trail course including woodland, so I’d imagined jogging serenely through dappled shade etc. In reality there was a long uphill section in full sun before getting to the shady woodland, and as a two lap course we had to do it twice. It was so hot! As I’m still on the comeback from injury (how long can I get away with saying that?) I’d set myself a reasonable target of 33 minutes, but with the hill times two, a photo stop and a shoelace that needed retying I was happy to finish at just over 34 minutes and six minutes behind my speedy son!

No. of runs: 3
Total distance: 8.2 miles

running banner crop


One comment on “My running week (Y2-16)”
  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Wow, well done on the 5k and parkrun achievements! I’m glad the tilt table test went okay, a lot of times things like this are worse than we imagine but at least then it’s a pleasant surprise when it goes better than anticipated. What happens now, do you have a follow-up with cardiology to discuss the results and see where to go from here? xx

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