My running week (Y2-18)

I had great expectations of being an all round running goddess this week.  I was on a double high from racing the previous week and from getting a sub-30 5k time so I enthusiastically turned up at track on Monday evening.

However… things are never that simple.  Just because last week I was awesome enough to keep my inner perfectionist happy, doesn’t mean that I’d be awesome enough this week, and believe me I was so far from awesome at track.

My excuses: i) my legs were still aching from the races, and ii) my hayfever was really bad, as in breathing was hard work bad!

So, trying to run around a grass track with over hanging trees, for me, was very difficult.  While everyone else was doing six reps of two laps (800m) plus recovery, I was struggling to do one lap (400m) and then having to rest.  I’m hopeful that my hayfever will settle after a week or so of taking antihistamines and that tomorrow’s track session will be better.

And onto stamina… I mentioned my lack of stamina last week.  At present I cannot run 5k continuously, and while my mini walking breaks are only small, each one impacts on finish time.  But more importantly, I’ve signed up for a lot of 10k races this year and let’s not forget the half marathon in September.  If I’m finding 5k hard, then running twice that – or four (plus a bit) of them consecutively will be near impossible.  I decided to take a step back and use the C25K app to retrain my stamina.  Starting on week 5, I hoped to complete the three scheduled runs by today but due to pain in my right hip requiring extra rest days I’d only completed the first run by Saturday.  I then followed the C25K programme at parkrun so finish the week having done two runs (plus track) and a total distance of 7.8 miles.

Have a great week,
K x

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