NVW day 4 update

Over half way through my 100% vegan week and to be honest it’s been ok.  I haven’t missed the non-vegan foods that I might eat in a typical week and have managed some limited shopping – limited in that I wasn’t buying very much.

Yesterday I went running in the morning and had a vegan chocolate protein cookie for breakfast, followed by a post-run second breakfast of some muesli bread with homemade jam.  Lunch was ryvita with homemade houmous and a pear, followed by mid-afternoon second lunch (running makes me hungry ok?!) of the rest of the muesli bread much to hubby’s disappointment as he was hoping to have some for breakfast this morning – sorry.  Dinner consisted of a variety of leftovers for the boys and hubs while I had a black bean chilli ready meal from my vegan box which was really nice.

Earlier that day I’d put a call out on facebook to a local vegan group for supermarket vegan dessert.  Along with some great shop-bought suggestions one lady told me how to make a very easy vegan chocolate pot by simply melting vegan chocolate with the solid part of a tin of coconut milk.  I had the chocolate and some sachets of creamed coconut.  It was a very simple dessert and tasted absolutely decadent, very rich and chocolatey… my kind of dessert for sure!

Thursday evening is band practice and getting home about 10.30pm I had a snack of fresh raspberries and some salted fava beans as I was a little hungry.

Three days to go and I’m feeling great about the challenge… Happy Friday folks!


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