My running week (Y2-20)

I’m feeling a lot better about running this week, it’s still extremely hard work and I’m nowhere near my pre-injury fitness but there is progress and that’s a good thing.  Today is the Chester half marathon and I’m glad I sold on my place as I am nowhere near ready to take on that distance.  I hope to be on the start line for the 2020 race though.

My recent 5k race time was 30:27 so my shoelace potentially did make me miss out on a sub-30!  Track on Monday night was a tough, tough session but I did it all, and not only that, my hip is improving too making me suspect it’s just muscle tightness which is slowly easing.

At track we did 6 x 3 min efforts with 2 min recovery, then 5 x 1 min efforts with 30s recovery plus warm up and cool down laps which meant almost 4 miles in total, as well as a 1 mile walk each way from our house.  There’s a lot of terminology in running, race pace, tempo, fartlek v.amusing and here I’ve used the term effort.  I’ll use some numbers to explain a little.

Let’s say that my steady run pace is a 10 minute mile and my race pace is a 9 minute mile, an effort is faster still, maybe an 8-8:30 minute mile.  By training at a faster pace for short bursts the idea is that your body becomes accustomed to the increased effort (pain) which eventually makes your race pace faster or the whole running thing a bit easier.  I’m no coach but if you’re really interested you can read more about interval training here.

So, track was tough and I felt pretty wiped out for the rest of the evening but what’s better than working out, quick dinner, shower and PJs on for TV/sofa time?  It’s a good type of exhaustion!

A solo run on Thursday and parkrun yesterday.  With my running buddy away on an exam revision weekend I decided I’d give Phoenix parkrun a second go.  We did this course at the end of March when I was just starting back to running so I had every confidence that I’d get a course PB.

Phoenix is a great parkrun, it’s a two and a half laps course which means we do the hill three times.  Yesterday the third running of the hill got the better of me and I walked it, but my time of 31:34 knocked almost 8 minutes of my previous for Phoenix, and was my fastest parkrun time this year.  I hope to master the hill x3 on my next visit!

If you watched my vlogs on Thursday then you’ll know that I have a plan to get to running 10k by mid-June and then a twelve week plan after that to get half marathon ready.  I’m enthused and optimistic!

Stats for this week:

  • no. of runs:  3
  • total distance:  12.3miles
  • longest run:  4.33miles

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