New kitchen

As I mentioned before, we are in the process of getting a new kitchen fitted and following that will be converting part of the garage into a utility room/pantry.  This means disruption, lots of disruption… hammering, drilling, sawing, doors open, noise, noise and more noise.  But, I like peacefulness and serenity.

Focus on the end goal

We had sufficient lead time to be able to eat most of the food in the house, which meant less places needed to store the entire contents of the kitchen.  And also means that once the new kitchen is complete I get to review the current contents for usefulness and restock in a minimalist/zerowaste/organic/vegan kind of way.

How many people eat the same foods week on week, rely on convenience over nutrition and the environment?  Certainly I was one.  I thought I was doing my bit for the planet in not having carrier bags for my online shop, but I am now on a mission to make the world and my household a better place.

Small changes begin with the individual

To be honest a new kitchen could be considered an unnecessary expense, a luxury if you like, but it will actually make a difference in it’s own way.  The appliances are more energy efficient, the oven and hob are electric instead of gas and our electricity supplier uses 100% renewable sources.  We are reusing the majority of units from the old kitchen and have sold the gas cooker which means a minimal amount of stuff going to landfill.  The majority of waste is cardboard which I’m hoping gets recycled.  The new kitchen will meet our needs for a long time and a utility room/pantry will allow me to be more self-sufficient, space to store homemade jams, chutneys, and whatever else I can make myself, and allow me to bulk buy products which means reduced packaging.

I don’t need to justify a new kitchen but it’s good to know that the expense and disruption will be beneficial in the end.


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