Art class: half term break

Why I thought it would be a good idea to take my teens out for lunch following art class this morning is beyond me. Younger teen was in school for revision sessions morning and afternoon, and the pub restaurant was closer to school than driving home and back again, so lunch out was the logical choice. Not wanting to go on about it, I’ll just say that it wasn’t the most fun but I survived!

However, it hasn’t been a bad day as Wednesday morning art class is a chance for me to relax and focus solely on painting, and today we were finishing our hedgehog paintings.


The hedgehog, for me, was more challenging than anything else I’ve painted. I think it has to do with the white spaces. As a beginner it’s very tempting to cover the whole paper with paint, but the photograph of this little chap shows he has quite a lot of white, including a halo effect around him. The other issue is a desire to be symmetrical when there is actually very little exact symmetry in real life. If a human face lacks symmetry then why should a hedgehog be different, particularly when the sun creates areas of light and shade. So, apart from wanting to cover the white paper in symmetrical brush strokes, this was an easy painting! And the delicate touch needed to produce a spine-like effect? . . . oh yeah, not so easy either!

Next week is the class’s half term as the teacher is away, however I’m keen to try the hedgehog again as while I think he’s pretty good, there’s a lot of technique to improve on.


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