My running week (Y2-22)

Gone are the days where I’d be running four times a week, once again I’m stuck at just two.  As with last week Jess is the excuse that means I’m not getting a real increase in run miles, but I love Jess and she’s a good enough reason for my training plan to be ignored.

Stats for the week:

  • no. of Jess walks: 4
  • total Jess distance: 11.5 miles
  • no. of runs: 2
  • total run distance: 9.4 miles
  • and a 3.6 mile walk without Jess and a day of walking around Liverpool


I’m happy that I’m making progress.  My 5k time is steadily improving and I can run further before needing to walk.  I’m still a way off my pre-injury times and distances but feel confident that I’ll get there.  At the moment it’s difficult to guage exactly where I am because of the extra walking that I’m doing which means my legs are often tired before I even start a run!

On Monday, which was a UK Bank Holiday, we got the train into Liverpool and had a great day.  As it including the biggest slice of vegan red velvet cake I’ve ever seen, it couldn’t have failed to be a good day.  Because of walking around Liverpool, and not being back in time, we didn’t go to Monday’s track, but this was fine as I already had plans to join the Wednesday evening time trial.

The club time trial was a 10k route out and back along a dedicated cycle path near Chester, with a 6k option.  I really wanted to do the 10k even if it meant walking some of it but I also didn’t want to be last by a long way and make the time keepers wait for me.  While it was lovely to run along a beautifully smooth, traffic free path in the leafy outskirts of Chester, this meant running surrounded by grass, trees and hedges which meant my hayfever was a little problematic.  But not wanting to wimp out because of a runny nose (and laboured breathing) I told myself that no matter what I would keep running for the first 5k (3.1 miles).  On reaching the halfway point I wanted to keep running as long as I could and was very pleased with managing another 1.5 – 2km giving me a furthest continuous run distance of over 4 miles yay go me!

But not only that, I also achieved my best 5k time of the year at 29:50 and set a benchmark for future 10k efforts (01:05:45).  I completed the 10k with just four short walk breaks and in a very decent time.

Enthused by my effort on Wednesday I was geared up to go for a YTD PB at parkrun on Saturday.  Once again I gave my son the choice of which course to do and he chose Chester.  Chester parkrun is, in my opinion, a hard parkrun; the start is very congested as the path is quite narrow so it’s easy to get stuck behind people, there’s very little shade and a surprising amount of uphill (not real hills).  Having done Chester a few weeks ago and being stuck behind people, I knew to take a mid-field start position rather than the back.  It was a warm, cloudy morning and the humidity was high, but at least the lack of shade wasn’t a problem, just the humidity, and my hayfever again, making for a tough run. . . certainly my most sweaty run of the year!

Knowing that I was capable once more of running 5k without stopping, this is what I was determined to do.

Even up the hills (not real hills)

Even when I felt like I was dying from heat exhaustion(!)

I kept moving, extremely slowly at times but still running – or plodding – and man I was so pleased to see the finish and extremely pleased with my time of 30:57, my fastest parkrun of the year by over 30 seconds.  My son, who had only done Chester once before,  stormed home in 24:39, knocking around 9 minutes off his previous course time and 90 seconds off his overall parkrun PB.

running banner crop


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