Honestly Good

I’m a sucker for a subscription service.  Getting yummy goodies delivered direct to your door on a regular basis is fantastic.  Graze benefitted from my business before I decided to minimise plastic use and all their goodies were plastic wrapped, and I have written about my Vegan Kind lifestyle box previously and also enjoy deliveries of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables.  So, when I heard about a new company delivering smoothie packs to my door I was super-keen to give it a go.

The Honestly Good Smoothie Company based in the UK (Luton) was founded by Vikesh, who thanks his mum for the inspiration behind the company.  Vikesh writes that he once suffered with digestive problems and his mum would make him vegetable smoothies each morning which helped with his digestion and gave him increased energy.

The ingredients are sourced in the UK as much as possible and are Soil Association Certified Organic.  Delivered frozen each pouch makes up (in my opinion) two servings when blended with 500ml fluid (I use soya milk) – they actually suggest 300ml but I found that made the smoothie not liquid enough.  The delivery box is insulated with wool which can be returned to the company for re-use/re-cyling.

I ordered a variety box of ten, so it’s pot luck what I get in my smoothie.  Today I’ve had my first smoothie, which was named ‘Wake Me Up’ containing sweet potato, apple, strawberries and cucumber with a superfood sachet of almonds, mulberries, chia seeds and red maca root.  Simply allow the contents to defrost a little put it all in your blender add the liquid and blitz until smooth (30s – 1min depending on how powerful your blender is)… pour into a glass, or two if you feel like sharing, and enjoy!


  • good variety
  • organic
  • easy, no fuss preparation
  • range of subscription options
  • no commitment, complete flexibility
  • informed delivery
  • healthy balance, lower sugar
  • environmentally aware
  • great alternative to ‘big brand’ meal replacement shakes


  • wool packaging (not vegan)
  • plastic pouches
  • difficult to read labels

The cost is £47.50 for ten (£2.38 per serving based on two servings per pouch) or £27.50 for five (£2.75 per serving) which I feel is reasonable for a premium product.

Would I buy them again?  Yes, I think I honestly would.

If you order using this link you will receive £10 off your first order:



2 comments on “Honestly Good”
  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Oooo interesting, I hadn’t known Honestly do a subscription service for their smoothies! Yum 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen says:

      It’s a great thing for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

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